Applications & Permits

Application for Appointment to Board
Application for Appointment to Board
CMP 1190
Concealed Weapon Permit
Concealed Weapon Permit Application
Cross Section Form
Cross section of structure
Deck Permit
Demolition Permit
If tearing down a structure
Driveway Opening Permit
Energy Code Application
General Assistance Application (Fillable)
General Assistance Application (Printable)
General Info & Fee Structure
Insulation Requirements
Climate Zone 6
Internal Plumbing Permit
New Building Checklist
Norway Building Code 2015
Norway Building Permit Application
Norway Electrical Permit Application
Rescheck Guidance
Street Vendor Permit Application
Tree Removal Guide

Land Use and Zoning

Land Use Appeals Summary Timeline
Maine Geoparcel Viewer
Norway Shoreland Map (adopted June 17th, 2013)
Norway Shoreland Zoning Application
Norway Shoreland Zoning

Norway Comprehensive Plan

2023 to 2033 Town of Norway Vision Statement
Norway's Vision and Comp Plan Process 2021/2022
Town of Norway 2011 Comprehensive Plan

Open Positions and Vacancies

Norway Police Department Application
Norway Police Department Application Packet
Town Manager Job Description
Town Manager Job Posting
Town of Norway Employment Application

Ordinances & Policies

Coin Operated Amusement Ordinance
Curfew Ordinance
Demolition Delay Ordinance
Disorderly House Ordinance
Dog Ordinance
Drainage and Obstruction of Public Ways Ordinance
Electrical Cut-off Switch Ordinance
Fireworks Ordinance
Flood Ordinance
Lake Level Standards
Loitering Ordinance
Mailbox Policy
Medical Marijuana Ordinance
Municipal Building Use
Norway Building Code 2021
Norway Electrical Ordinance
Norway-Paris Solid Waste Agreement (2009)
Norway Shoreland Ordinance (adopted June 17th, 2019)
Norway Shoreland Zoning Ordinance 2019
Outdoor Festival License Application
Outdoor Festival Ordinance
Parking and Traffic Ordinance
Proposed revisions to the Street Vendor Ordinance
Recycling Ordinance
Rental Occupancy Ordinance
Retail Marijuana Ordinance
Road Toll Application & Rules
Sewer Use Ordinance
Sign District Map
Site Plan Ordinance
Street Naming/Road Numbering Ordinance for 911
Street Vendor Ordinance
Tax Acquired Property Ordinance
Tobacco Policy Ordinance
Town of Norway Cemetery Policies
Wellhead Protection Ordinance

Recreation Registration Forms

August Newsletter
What's been going on with Norway Parks and Recreation
Tee ball registration
Ball sign up form
Fall & Winter News Letter
October-January News LEtter


2015 Final Report on the Health of the Norway Lakes
Norway Climate Vulnerability Assessment 11-29-23
Norway Critical Infrastructure Assessment September 2023

Town Budgets

Fiscal Year 2024 Warrant
FY20 Town Budget - Roll up
FY21 Town Budget - Roll up
FY22 Town Budget - Roll up
Fy23 Town Budget - Roll up
Proposed FY24 Budget Roll up
Proposed FY24 Municipal Budget
Special Town Meeting NPSW

Town Clerk

Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate Request
Making Final Arrangements by Authorized Persons
Intention of Marriage Form
Norway Town Report 2021-2022
Norway Town Report 2021-2022
Permits for Final Disposition of Dead Human Bodies
Private Burial Grounds Guidelines

Voting & Elections

Town of Norway Election Results 11/7/2023
Town of Norway Election Results 11/7/2023
Town of Norway Election Results 11/8/2022
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