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Swim Lessons - July 22-August 9

Join Norway Parks and Recreation for another fun year of Swim Lessons! Emily Cummings will be back as our instructor again this season!\ We will be offering swim lesson levels for-

Pre-school- must be 3 years old by July-1-24- getting into and feeling comfortable in the water

Level 1- Water Skills - comfortable in water, face under water, eyes open.

Level 2- Aquatic Skills- Roll front to back, Submerge full head, life jacket use

Level 3- Stroke Development- Kneeling diving skills, flutter / butterfly strokes, Scissor kicks

Level 4- Stroke Improvement- Front & Back Crawl, tread water, breast / side strokes.

Lessons will be 30 Minutes long per level, 5 days a week.\ We will have no more then 10 kids per class to ensure they are learning and being safe

Registrations can be found at the Norway Town office, or online by following the link at the top of the page!

Adult COED Pick up SOFTBALL - Thursdays starting July 25th 6:30pm

Join Norway Recreation for some fun games of softball each week on Thursday’s. This will be slow pitch and casual play for ages 16 and older.

Participants will be split into teams and games will be played. If not enough people show for 2 teams to play we will work on drills and hitting. Fielding Gloves are required, all other equipment will be provided!

For More Information call 207-739-7050

Home Run Derby - July 27 10-5pm

Come Join Norway Recreation for our first Homerun Derby event!

This event will be a fundraiser for Norway’s Little league softball and baseball teams

We will be breaking things down into these categories and times for this event.

youth will be hitting baseballs

Ages 10-12 (10:00-11:30am)- There will be a painted line and cones set out at 150ft. Player to hit the most over 150ft wins the 10-12 age group

Ages 13-15  (11:45-1pm)- Traditional 200ft fence - 15 hits

Adults will be hitting softballs 

Each hitter has 15 hits - not pitches - top 3 advance to next round of 10 hits. if tied 3rd round 5 hits.

Ages 16-19 (1:15-2:45pm)

Ages 20-29 (3:00-4:45pm)

Ages 30-49 (11:30-1pm)

Ages 50 and over (1:15-3:45pm)

At the very end we would like to have the Winners of the 16-19, 20-29, 30-50 & 50+ age groups face off against each other and get 10 pitches to crown an overall Norway Homerun Derby Winner

*Snack shack will be open for lunch, 50/50 raffle & batting cage will be open.

*Home runs do not count towards the 15 hits. Any Foul balls or any hit not over the homerun fence count as a hit.

Adult Pick-up Soccer- Sundays at 5pm

Join Norway Brewing Company and Norway Parks and Recreation for another summer of adult pick up soccer.

starts this Sunday June 9th! This is pick-up, so there’s no need to sign up, no league fee, and no commitment! Just show up at 63 Grove St. at 5pm if you’re interested! Cleats are definitely recommended but not required. See you Sunday!

Discounted Amusement Park Tickets-

Norway Parks and Recreation has Discounted Amusement Park Tickets for the 2024 summer!

Tickets for Funtown Splashtown are $47.00, Tickets for Aquaboggan are $21.00 And tickets for York’s Wild Kingdom are $14.00

Tickets can be purchased at the Norway Town office M/F 8am-5pm


Cottage Street Recreation Park-

The Basketball Court is open. PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF!

Tennis & Pickleball Nets are up! 4 Pickleball courts are now painted!

Get your lock code at the Town office! $25 for resident $50 for non resident. paying this fee ensures only tennis and pickleball are only activities happening on courts.

Lovejoy Sports Complex- Located at the very end of Grove Street

Norway will be hosting the 2024 8u Cal Ripken State Tournament at Lovejoy sports complex July 5th to 9th! Good luck to Team Andy Valley!

Lake Pennesseewassee Park and Boat Launch Facility-

Boat Parade at 3pm on July 4th!

Lake Pennesseewassee Park and Playgrounds are open Dawn to Dusk. Come enjoy a day at the park playing on one of our 2 playgrounds, Basketball & volleyball courts, or enjoy a picnic on one of our many waterfront tables.

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