Norway Roads Posted March 4th


Effective March 4, 2019 until Posters are Removed

Shedd Road    from 118 to the Dunn Rd, including Bill Howe Rd, Camp Cinnamon Rd, Herrick Rd

Town Farm Road        from 118 to Yagger Rd

Yagger Road   from 118 to end, including Hemingway Rd

Wiley Road     from 118 to Morse Rd, including McKay Rd, Holt Rd

Watson Road  from 118 to Norway Center Rd including Rolling Meadow Rd

Thurston Road   from Greenwood Rd to end

Round The Pond Road  from Greenwood Rd to Crockett Ridge Rd, including Upton Bros Rd & Larson Rd

Morrill Road   from 118 to Norway Center

Morse Road  from Norway Center Rd to Dunn Rd including Patch Mountain Rd, Hayes Rd, Dunn Rd,     

                                                             French Rd     

Norway Center Road  from Greenwood Rd to Morse Rd

Ashton Road  from 118 to Sodum Rd

Sodum Road  from 117 to Waterford Town Line, including Frost Hill, Cushman Woods Rd, Ricker Rd

Country Club Road  from 118 to Rte 117 including Cobb Rd

Old Stage Road  from 117 to end including Brackett Rd

Crockett Ridge Road  from Lake Rd 118/117 to end

Pleasant Street  from Main St to Crockett Ridge Rd, including Penn Rd, Emerson Rd, Ralph Richardson Rd

Sodum Road  from Waterford Town Line to Rte 117 including Frost Hill Rd, Cushman Woods, Ricker Rd

Roberts Road  from 118/117 to Pikes Hill

Eddie Kahkonen Road  from Pottle Rd to Pikes Hill

Thomas Hill Road  from 117 to the end including Daniels Rd

Greenwood Road  from Morse Rd to Greenwood Town Line

Gore Road  from 117 to Otisfield Town Line

Pikes Hill Road  from Water St to Old Stage Rd

Contact Art, 890-2639 with any questions.