From Norway PD: Please No Sharps in the Prescription Return Unit

From the Desk of Norway Police Investigator Jeff Campbell: Thank you to Jim Douglass of Healthy Oxford Hills for this donation of a Prescription Return Unit to the Norway Police Department! Returning your unwanted medicines to a take-back program is the safest and most environmentally protective way to dispose of unused medication. Throwing unused medicines in the trash is better than flushing, but it does not adequately protect people and our environment from exposure to potentially dangerous drugs. We would like to than k our Norway citizens for utilizing this receptacle, however we need to strongly reiterate, no needles or other sharps are to be placed in this receptacle! Accidental needle-sticks from improperly disposed syringes are an unwanted reality for thousands of people each year. For info how to safely and responsibly dispose of these, click on the following link: Proper Disposal Tips for Drugs Sharps