Norway Road Postings

Once again, the mud season is fast approaching. In an effort to save the roads of Norway, the following streets will be posted for     23,000 lbs. REGISTERED VEHICLE WT.  This means no scales have to be involved – only registrations.


  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Public Utilities
  • Municipal Vehicles
  • Home Heating Fuel (oil or propane) Delivery Trucks
  • Bulk milk / bulk feed trucks with a MDOT exemption certificate
  • Any vehicle or combination of vehicles registered for a gross weight in excess of 23,000 pounds and traveling WITHOUT A LOAD other than tools or equipment necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle. This exemption does not apply to special mobile equipment. A SCALE TICKET MUST ACCOMPANY VEHICLE SHOWING WEIGHT OF VEHICLE AND LOAD IF SAID TO BE 23,000 POUNDS OR UNDER.

Click on the links to see Norway Road Postings and Dates!

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