Money Management Workshop

Do you spend more than you make? Are you wondering how you’ll ever be able to afford a fun, mini-vacation or make needed car or home repairs? New Ventures Maine (NVME) is offering free workshops called “Budgeting Basics” that help people feel more confident about managing their money.

In August, the workshop will be offered at two different times of day to accommodate busy schedules. One will be held on Tuesday, August 21 from 10 am – noon, and the other on Wednesday evening, August 22.

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn about the components of building a personalized budget. We’ll also explore money tracking, goal setting, challenges, ways to reduce expenses, and how understanding your overall financial situation is helpful in creating a spending plan that works.

Workshops and follow up one-on-one coaching with New Ventures Maine is free to all community members.  For more information or to register, check out their website at or give Chris Davis a call at 753-6531.

NVME is a statewide, non-profit organization committed to improving the economic lives of men, women, and families.  The organization works with individuals “where they are at,” and provides them with support, guidance, and the tools needed to take their next best step.  Their areas of expertise include career planning, starting or growing a business, and financial know-how.

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