Help for Taxes

Nobody likes to pay property taxes. Current taxes are payable in full when due. The Town of Norway is flexible in allowing alternative plans for prepayment of property taxes. A taxpayer who elects to prepay taxes shall make payments based … Continue reading

Norway Parking Ban

The Town of Norway has a Winter Parking Ban from November 15 through April 15, between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any street or road in the Town of Norway for a … Continue reading

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Mailbox Policy for Norway

For convenience and practicality, mailbox installations have been allowed within the right-of-way of public roads.  However it is important that everyone know such installations have two very important conditions: The mailbox must be installed in accordance with applicable standards to … Continue reading

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Local Food Pantries

Shared from Community Concepts: We have updated the list of food pantries in our tri-county service area with the most recent information. See any errors or omissions? Please let us know, and please share! Local Food Pantries   … Continue reading

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